SKYCITY Transport TerminalParking
Sep 2021
“Two Ports of Entry” Gives 11 SKIES Edge in its Full Integration into Greater Bay Area’s Financial Services Sector

When it comes to financial investment, the key is accessibility and immediacy, and that's exactly what 11 SKIES is here to offer. As one of the tenants planning to set up their presence at K11 ATELIER 11 SKIES, the Bank of China (Hong Kong) (“BOCHK”) shares the same belief.
Stephen Chan, General Manager, Personal Banking and Wealth Management Department of BOCHK, said to HK01 in a recent interview that 11 SKIES has the optimal location for Private Wealth management and financial investment as it is situated at the heart of the dual-port transportation hub and offers immediate accessibility to the GBA market.

As the Cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect Scheme is on the horizon, this strategic location opens a link for millions of business investors and travelers from the Greater Bay Area. Besides the premium location, as Hong Kong's largest hub for Retail, Dining, and Entertainment experience (RDE), 11 SKIES is the game-changing destination to fulfil all customers’ needs at one stop.

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Credit: HK01 (Chinese only)