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Mar 2021
Major Hong Kong Medical Group Makes First Move into 11 SKIES as New Medical and Healthcare Hub Takes Shape

We are delighted to announce that EC Healthcare (former known as Union Medical Healthcare), the largest non-hospital medical service provider in Hong Kong, is planning to establish a medical centre in K11 ATELIER 11 SKIES..

In a recent interview with Hong Kong Economic Times, EC Healthcare expressed confidence in the post-COVID medical tourism boom. The company trusted that the strategic location of K11 ATELIER next to two ports of entry, the Airport and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, can grant direct access to residents of the Greater Bay Area and international passengers, further boosting the business growth of the Group.

The three grade A office towers branded by K11 ATELIER, will provide seamless connection for wellness services, wealth management, and GBA businesses. The industry clusters can create synergy and definitely bring more opportunities for all the tenants in the 11 SKIES complex.

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Credit: HKET (Chinese only)